Cosmic Playing

Find your tribe,discover magic, play the cosmic game

We're in a cosmic game.

It’s becoming ever more evident that our role in the universe was never that of a neutral observer1 and events in it can be meaningfully related to us yet lack a causal connection, a phenomenon known as synchronicity2. It appears that synchronicities increase the more aligned we are with our purpose3. Could life be an extraordinary cosmic game? The evidence of modern science4 and accounts of ancient mystical traditions5 directly experienced by contemporary mystics are converging on an affirmative answer.

Defeat is forgetting to play.

Did you know that numerous studies show that those who don’t believe in magic don’t get any?6 Similarly, those who don’t believe there is any cosmic game being played have few chances of winning it. As the great ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky once remarked: “You lose 100% of the shots you don’t take.” How many shots did you not take at synchronicity & magic in your life? How different could it be if you were to start playing? Are you curious to find out?

Dance with chance.

Those awake to the cosmic game discover chance is not to blame but to dance with: misfortunes seen as fortune cookies, always containing messages for those astute enough to perceive them. They’ve given up their illusions of control7, yet aware that magic is real8 and luck malleable, they’ve learned the steps to play with synchronicity and adopt the serendipity mindset9, their lives appearing to outsiders as a series of inexplicable blessings leading to astonishing experiences of personal growth, transformation, and success.

It's less fun to dance alone.

The path beyond the veil is awesome in the traditional sense of the term: it contains a mix of dread and wonder. Wonder because it leads to incredible experiences that radically change your understanding in the world and actions in it. Dread because that often requires confronting the unknown, abandoning cherished beliefs, and facing your dragons (traumas, fears, and flaws). None of those things become easier or more fun when dealt with alone. Even Hercules needed Iolaus to slay the Hydra, and Dionysus his maenads and satyrs to celebrate.

How can you start?

Take fun seriously or you'll never have serious fun.

Life is not a journey from one point to another. It is a game to be played; a musical jam, and as the philosopher Alan Watts once said:

“One doesn’t make the end of a composition, the point of the composition…we’ve simply cheated ourselves…we thought of life by analogy with a journey, a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose at the end, and the thing was to get to that end, success or whatever it is or maybe heaven after your death. But, we missed the point the whole way along. It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or dance while the music was being played.”10

If in Purpose Recall I help you remember your purpose and love your fate, in Cosmic Playing I help you find your tribe and play with purpose rather than be ensnared by it11. Discover magic and synchronicities and let them guide you to the knowledge & people you need next. Dance with chance serendipities, and learn how to celebrate life, whether in victory or defeat, in addition to fighting for a cause.

Labor like Hercules but party like Dionysus.

“Synchronicity is nature’s way of giving us feedback so we can choose the future that aligns with who we wish to be.”

Sky Nelson-Isaacs, author of Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World.

What are the benefits of Cosmic Playing?

Leave your bubble

Counter the algorithms that put us in information bubbles for profit by attuning to cosmic synchronicities. Consciously curate your network, trading artificial echo chambers with natural flow.

Read the signs

Learn how to ask questions to the universe. Become your own oracle and see the answers unfold from unexpected places, your life becoming an adventure of meaning.

Get lucky

Believing something doesn’t change keeps it the same. Experiment with synchronicity, follow serendipity into unfamiliar domains and eccentric characters, and see opportunities multiply and your luck changing.

Soul food diets

It’s not just your body that needs a nutritious diet. Learn how to avoid soul junk food, develop your inner organic garden, and grow or spot the wholesome soul food you need to flourish.

Find your tribe

Whether for work or love, life changes when you find the people you belong with. Developing the awareness of synchronicity & the serendipity mindset, leads to partners we want to play the cosmic game with.

Party like Dionysus

Forget bars of escapism and restaurants of sedentary gluttony. Design experiences, make temples, organize rituals. Transcend the profane, find maenads & satyrs, and restore fun into the realm it belongs: the sacred.

What facilitates those benefits in Cosmic Playing sessions?

Lessons in Flow

Community Recommendations

I’ve traveled to 27 countries and been to (and often organized) hundreds of events, conferences, ceremonies, communities, festivals, and alternative experiences. I’ve been an active member and elected leader of an eclectic community of 1600+ nomads, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, politicians, artists, and indomitable misfits from over 100 countries since 201013. My hand is on the pulse of many communities, scenes, and movements around the world, and I will leverage that diverse network to help you find your tribe or start your own.

Knowledge Recommendations

I’ve read (and sometimes write)––as well as catalogue and organize––countless books, articles, papers, talks, events, and links. I never stop learning and love to share my knowledge. In this part of Cosmic Playing, we’ll play with synchronicity in the domains of knowledge. The knowledge recommendations that spontaneously emerge in our sessions are not mere coincidences but meaningful curations tailored to help you improve the way you play the cosmic game.

Network Realignment

The speaker Jim Rohn once remarked: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Look around you. Do you want to be that average? If not, then it’s crucial to realign your network. That doesn’t mean dropping old friends. It means inviting them on a ride to the kind of self you want to be, and meeting people who are already there. Learn to branch out into new networks of people & knowledge that will play the cosmic game with you and help you improve in it.

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