Perched on a remote high outcrop, you gaze. The immensity of nature takes over all thought, and for a moment you don’t exist. Any self-awareness vanishes in the unthinking witnessing of a landscape that though varied, is one.

For a moment you experience the world under the aspect of eternity. You become as much of the outcrop as the rocks, the grooves and the wind that goes through them or the slight rustle of sand as the waves caress the shore.

The proper order of rank emerges within you, and all social priorities, duties to one’s country, parents, friends, and everything human all too human, become less important and wither away as part of a dream from which you’re now awake.

Hunger, ambition, sex, all cease. You will stay there forever. This is forever. Deathless.

Life is like a game you occupied yourself and almost believed in.