Purpose Recall

Recall your purpose through the Socratic method

You've been here before.

Children remembering their past lives1. Patients under hypnosis asked to remember their earliest memory routinely going further back2 than their physical birth. Retrocognitions3 under meditation, trance, or mystical experience whether assisted or unassisted by entheogens4. Reincarnation is only a theory for those who choose to overlook the evidence.

You're back for a reason.

Those who remember it can play the game they were meant to. Those who end up playing another’s fail to actualize themselves even if they win. Without a clear sense of purpose, even if you’re good at navigating reality, choosing optimally between the myriad of options that are available to you today becomes impossible. A compass can’t help you if you’re not sure where you’re going. Those who are, can get there. Those who are not, rarely will.

Life changes if you know.

Those who have a why in life can endure any how. Finally, every step feels like progress towards destiny rather than a detour away from it or a meaningless exercise. Doubts decrease and decisions become easier. Evolution becomes palpable, like a shoot that finally receives the sun and marshals its inner resources to move towards it, gradually transcending its old form and awakening to a new purpose that is now revealed to it from higher evolutionary heights.

You may need a different mirror to find your calling.

Your success can be your prison. When you’re good at something, people expect you to keep doing it. Changing course becomes harder when the whole crew of your life (colleagues, friends & family, and significant others) all signed up with one version of yourself. You worked so hard to build the identity that brought you some success & sense of belonging, but in the process you may feel important parts of you were forgotten or never explored.

What questions spark recall?

Some are trained in asking them.

Many people are unaware that the Socratic method, which is a key chapter in a philosopher’s education, aims to facilitate through dialectical dialogue the process of anamnesis (an ancient Greek word for recalling innate wisdom that is forgotten between incarnations) with the philosopher serving as a maia (the ancient Greek word for midwife) to their interlocutor’s birthing of their truths.

Purpose Recall is a modern application of the Socratic method where I use my formal philosophical training and everything I’ve learned from a life dedicated to the love of wisdom to facilitate recall of a soul’s purpose at any given point of its journey.

“As the soul is immortal, has been born often, and has seen all things here and in the underworld, there is nothing which it has not learned; so it is in no way surprising that it can recollect the things it knew before, both about virtue and other things.”

Socrates, in Plato’s Meno.

What are the benefits of Purpose Recall?


Adhering to any purpose other than your own won’t facilitate your self-actualization anymore than an acorn believing it is a soy seed will transform it into a healthy oak. Recalling your purpose fosters a proper understanding of one’s identity and achieving the one reveals the other.

Less FOMO more JOMO

When you know your purpose your fear of missing out is replaced by the joy of missing out because you know exactly what to miss and what to participate in, without being tormented by ambivalence.

Attract your tribe

Your vibe attracts your tribe, but unless you are aware and centered in your own purpose your vibe won’t be attracting your tribe, but people who are not necessarily conducive to your evolution and destiny.

Endure any how

As Nietzsche wrote, a man who knows their why in life can endure any how. Adversity without purpose can wear even the strongest souls down. Recalling one’s purpose fortifies one’s resolve to power through trials and tribulations.

Overcome nihilism

With the decline of organized religions, more and more people lose faith in life and the sacred. Without a purpose, pleasures feel empty and suffering futile, with despair as the icing. A deep knowing of one’s purpose gives meaning to suffering and pleasure. One can dance again out of joy rather than frivolity or distraction.

Recover wonder

The world is full of wonders. But you won’t know that if you’re living someone else’s life. The universe doesn’t conspire to help you with whatever you want. It helps only when you do what you were meant to do. Otherwise it keeps teaching you hard lessons. Only when you live your purpose do the synchronicities increase and your luck changes.

What facilitates those benefits in Purpose Recall sessions?


The philosopher’s goal in applying the Socratic method, the art of cooperative dialogue and argumentation, is not to supply prefabricated information to their interlocutor about their purpose but to question them in a way that helps them bring forth any presuppositions around it and give birth to their own understanding5. This is why Socrates claimed he was an expert in maieutics, the art of being a philosophical midwife, which eventually came to be known as the Socratic method.

Resistance Detection

It may sound counter-intuitive but often people unconsciously resist becoming aware of their purpose because acknowledging it would bring disruption into their lives. Unawareness in being averse to seeking, acknowledging, and receiving information about our purpose that comes into conflict with our underlying biases and psychological defenses6 may unwittingly hinder our attempts to recall it7.


The Socratic method wasn’t merely a novel way to engage in philosophical conversation. It was a way to recall innate knowledge residing in the soul forgotten between incarnations. To ignite this process, called anamnesis, the philosophers of antiquity, in addition to Socratic dialectics, engaged in spiritual exercises to purify the mind and make it more amenable to recall. Since many of these exercises have been lost, we’ll be doing a few based on historical records and others on educated guesses and modern experimentation of what best facilitates anamnesis of our purpose.

Amor Fati (Love of Fate)

It’s not enough to recall our purpose. We must learn how to love it, otherwise we’ll never fully live it. Just like with any new realization in our lives, sometimes recalling our purpose may produce a mix of dread and wonder. On the one hand, we’re thrilled to feel the call of destiny and have a clear sense of direction. On the other, we may dread the obstacles, changes, and sacrifices we’ll need to make in order to pursue it. During these times it’s helpful to have a guide who is familiar with the terrain. Someone who has paid a personal price in order to have the right to talk about their efforts towards their purpose. I’ve been paying that price for the last 23 years. But I didn’t always do it gladly. I’m here to help you learn to love your fate. To offer the lessons without getting the scars.

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