We do not eat to relieve the conscious pain of hunger. You have to start assuming more of you behind the reasons for doing something other than the small part of you that makes up conscious feeling. Were there to be a drug that relieved the feeling of hunger in indistinguishable ways that food did but without any of the nutritional benefits, we wouldn’t expect people to eat the drug when they were hungry. Why? Not because their feeling of hunger wouldn’t be satisfied. But because they know they do not eat just to relieve the conscious pain of hunger but for something that goes beyond the requirements of a conscious feeling.

In the same way, were we to find a drug that made us feel happy, it would be a mistake to think we would have solved the nutrition of our soul.

If you blow a balloon and then let it go, you’d be a fool to think the noise makes it move. Or that anything that moves must make that noise. Cars don’t need to reproduce the sound of footsteps to move.

The feeling of happiness is an effect, not a cause. If you want it, you should strive after the cause, not the effect.

If you know how to play with water and light you do not need to catch the rainbow.